Monday, March 30, 2009


(To get the full impact of how this sounds in my head, you have to read really, really fast, like you're trying to take as few breaths as possible. Also, remember that I'm sometimes a really rambunctious little girl: think Kelly from The Office.)

Spring break was AMAZING.

~~I found out I do NOT need to get a tooth pulled nor do I need a dental implant and a fake tooth.
~~I went to the zoo with Mom, Alejandro and Squishy (pics on facebook).

~~RENT!!!! Second row seats for only $20. Wow.

~~I met P.C. Cast and Kristen Cast (the authors of the series that is currently my favorite).
~~I got autographs from Anthony Rapp, Adam Pascall, Nicolette Hart, and most of the rest of the cast of RENT.

~~I had the best private lesson with Lowell. We worked on Viennese Waltz. AMAZING.


~~I don't really remember Saturday, but I'm certain it was good.

So... That was spring break: The Reader's Digest version.

Last week was interesting. I was testing my kids and almost all of their scores had gone down. I told a couple friends that my kids are being stupid, and they didn't believe me, but then I explained how high their scores have been, but what happened to them last week... then they believed me. They're being smart again now, just so you know.

Thursday Cameron got his misison call: New York New York North, Spanish speaking. He reports to Provo May 6th.

Friday Katie and Landon got married!! YAY!!! I love my little Aussie friend and I'm so incredibly excited that she's going to live like 15 minutes away from me.

Saturday we took family pictures. They should be on Facebook soon. My cousin Erikk took them. Darci wore pants with a huge hole in the knee: I wanted to die.

I'm currently losing a game of Spider Solitaire. I won once, then bumped the difficulty up to whatever is just harder than beginner, because I'm really not a beginner at this point. Now I'm losing and I'm afraid that I'll never see the pretty fireworks again.

I vacuumed part of the basement today. It looks pretty. Now I just need Dad to fix the bathroom so I can have running water so I can clean it.

New episode of The Battery's Down on April first!!!!

Ashleyface and I are trying to go out for dessert once a week. It's fun. I love Ashley time.

Stephenie Meyer!! Janette Rallison!! Dean Lorrey!! Brandon Mull! AHH!!!!

Amelia and Josh are engaged.

I think that's all for now. I'm going to watch The Office.

I love Jim!!!

totes bye!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Seriously, why do people leave voice messages that say, "Hey, Brigette, call me," and nothing else?!

1. I may not know who you are.

2. I do not know why I need to call you.
--I do not know if you have a question.
--I do not know if you are in trouble.
--I do not know the level of urgency of the situation.

3. I do not enjoy talking on the phone. I prefer to spend as little time on the phone as I can (there are only 3-5 people I enjoy talking to on the phone), so I believe that we should be as efficient as possible and "Hey, call me," does not give me any information about how I can be efficient in my phone-talking-ness.

Sometimes people bug me.

On a happier note: the nurse came to my class to teach my kids how to was their hands and she brought a little thing that makes the germs on your hands glow. When she was leaving she said that my class was the cleanest class of kinders she's ever seen.