Sunday, May 24, 2009

Coincidence? I think not.

Let me tell you about what happened to me last week.
I would consider it a tender mercy; you can think whatever you want.

Last Tuesday I went to wal-mart to print pictures of my kids to give them on the last day of school, and to buy a box for Jenn's present, blush, and deodorant.

When I got home, I realized that the crazy check-out lady had put my four measly little items in 2 bags, but I only had one of them.

Which two items were missing?


I wasn't too concerned about the blush, I had only bought it because the pink I have right now is broken and basically completely gone, so I had bought a new one. The deodorant, however, was a problem. Now, the stick I had wasn't completely gone, but it was down to the plastic part on the bottom that looks like the bottom of an ice cream cone.

It was fairly late at night, and the insane amount of creepers that frequent wal-mart at night made me decide that I'd just use what little deodorant I had left, and buy a new stick on Wednesday.

Wednesday morning came, and I used my bottom-of-the-ice-cream-cone deodorant, just hoping that I wouldn't smell like a boy by the end of the day (which was a pretty big hope considering I had to work at the school, with three different recess duties, and go to the ranch where everything is hot and gross).

I got to work, feeling more self-conscious than necessary, since it was only 9:00 AM and so not disgustingly hot yet. Then I went to the talent show and all the kids were amazing or adorable. Then we went to recess. Oh. No. Here it came. I was going to sweat and start to stink.

But wait.

It still wasn't hot. My next recess duty came: still not hot. Surely this wouldn't last. My final recess duty of the day was from 11:05 to 11:20. I would definitely get gross then.

The weather was still really, really nice.

The day progressed and, although I did sweat a little bit while carrying things that were larger than I am all around the bar (including down the stairs--awkward), I didn't really smell very much.

I am thankful that Heavenly Father decided to let the weather be unusually cool for May 20th in Mesa on the day that I had very little deodorant available to me, despite my best efforts.

P.S. I bought deodorant after leaving the ranch. I now have two sticks at my house and one at Mom and Dad's house.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


  1. My kids randomly burst into song today. It was glorious.
  2. I finally got to clean my bathroom today. I haven't been able to run water in the downstairs bathroom since spring break, so when Dad told me it was fixed, I took that as a birthday present and today I cleaned it. I love cleaning my bathroom.
  3. Darci got her appendix yoinked tonight. She’s fine, and the doctors said the uterus wasn’t affected by anything, so there’s no reason to worry. They’re keeping her until tomorrow and they’ll do an ultrasound then, after her body has calmed down, just to make sure nothing’s wrong.

That's actually a lot more info than I intended to post. I was just going to say, "Darci got her appendix yoinked tonight," and that was going to be the entirety of the post, but I anticipated negative/stressed out reactions to that, so I went a different route.

I hope you enjoyed this super short edition of Brigette's Blog.

No, It Is Too Long, Let Me Sum Up... It's Still Too Long

I've already posted on both of the other blogs I can post on, so I decided that it was about time to post on mine, right?

This month has been and will be very interesting. Let me give you a run-down (warning: my run-downs are very long):

  • Mommy's birthday, which translates to "make the house look pretty" day. New paint, boxes moved out of sight, triangle thing in the front yard fixed-up, etc..
  • I saw Little Shop of Horrors at Desert Vista High School beacuse my friend Meredith was in it, and Sean came with me. The play was good, but the highlight of the evening was that I finally felt like Sean was treating me like a friend again instead of an ex-girlfriend. It was really, really nice.
  • Cameron got set apart as a missionary (I set up a blog if you'd like to visit it).
  • I helped teach the Youth Council from a stake that isn't mine how to swing dance.
  • Cameron left on his mission. : )
  • Cameron left on his mission. :' (
  • Lowell cancelled my dance lesson and made me go dancing, where I got to meet some of his friends.
  • I went to Broadway Bound, and DIDN'T hear a billion Jason Robert Brown songs... well, I guess there were a few, but not as many as usual. It seemed like there were fewer songs that I'd heard 4,684,416,418 times, which was good.
  • I went dancing and actually had a boy with me who could dance, so there wasn't any annoying waiting around thinking, "I hope someone asks me to dance," I just got to dance all night.
  • I got an AWESOME cake from Ashleyface for my birthday.
  • My kids all made me cards for my birthday.
  • My mommy got me the coolest toothbrush ever for my birthday.
  • Dan sang my voicemail a song from HSM for my birthday.
  • Ryan has decided that he owes me ice cream since he was a failure as a home teacher and didn't know when my birthday was until after it had passed. I'll take theice cream, but I refuse to agree that he was a failure.
  • I went to a party and pretended to play in the pool and be social.
  • We had a nutritionist come to FHE tonight. I wasn't expecting to enjoy myself, but I really did.
  • Mark and I started watching season 2 of The Office, so that he can catch up.
  • Season finale/ 100th episode of The Office this Thursday, the 14th.
  • Kindergarten is going on a field trip on Wednesday to the Phoenix Children's Museum.
  • Kinder pizza party Thursday if we all behave while we're on the field trip.
  • Subsitute on Friday, hopefully Ashlee will be my sub... we'll see.
  • The last day of school is May 21.
  • Tenth Kingdom movie day!!! May 22.
  • Go up north somewhere to teach the rest of the youth from that other stake how to swing dance for their youth conference. I think I'm leaving Thursday the 28th and coming back Saturday the 30th.
  • I'm on charge of the activity for FHE next Monday. I'm thinking paper airplane contest. If anyone has suggestions for different competitions we could have (longest distance, longest flight-time, prettiest, etc.) let me know.

Also, last night I set some goals for myself for this week:

  1. Read the Book of Mormon every night.
  2. Write in my journal every night.
  3. Be in bed by 12 every night except Fridays, and I'm allowed wiggle room on whatever night I have my lesson with Lowell. (Obviously I have already messed this one up, since it's way past 12, but whatever, there's always tomorrow.)

That's it for now. I'll post something more thoughtful in a couple days. I've had lots of thoughtful thoughts, I just forget them every time I open blogger. Oh, well.

Totes bye!