Saturday, March 14, 2009


Seriously, why do people leave voice messages that say, "Hey, Brigette, call me," and nothing else?!

1. I may not know who you are.

2. I do not know why I need to call you.
--I do not know if you have a question.
--I do not know if you are in trouble.
--I do not know the level of urgency of the situation.

3. I do not enjoy talking on the phone. I prefer to spend as little time on the phone as I can (there are only 3-5 people I enjoy talking to on the phone), so I believe that we should be as efficient as possible and "Hey, call me," does not give me any information about how I can be efficient in my phone-talking-ness.

Sometimes people bug me.

On a happier note: the nurse came to my class to teach my kids how to was their hands and she brought a little thing that makes the germs on your hands glow. When she was leaving she said that my class was the cleanest class of kinders she's ever seen.

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