Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm Failing.

On Saturday, I set a goal for myself for this week. It was fairly simple: write a missionary every day. This should be easy to do, since I have eleven missionaries from which I can choose, but I still have managed to write none of them. I've had excuses, but that's all they are: excuses. I'm tired of feeling like a lousy friend, so here's what I'm going to do: I am advertising to the entire world that I am going to write my friends who are currently on missions. Tonight, I will write Jenn. Wednesday, I'll write Brian. Thursday will be devoted to writing the lovely Ryan Kleinman. Ben M gets Friday, and Saturday goes to Drew. On Sunday I'll write Karl, and check the list of address that Jenniface gave me to see who else needs to be added to my list. I'll go from there. The people to whom I need to write most desperately are Jenn and Brian, which is why they're first.

I smooshed my thumb between a cabinet door and a paper cutter today. It hurt a lot.

Ok. That being said, I'll move on to how freaking awesome my job is. I absolutely adore the teacher with whom I'm working this year. Last year we didn't do anything for the holidays. This year is quite the opposite. We're not talking about the religious purposes behind any of the holidays--as that would be illegal--but we're talking about the different things that families do to celebrate different holidays. This week we're learning about Swedish Christmas traditions, which include Saint Lucia and the Starboy. On Thursday all the girls get to make St. Lucia crowns and the boys are making Starboy hats (pictures will be on facebook, I'm not putting my kids pictures here, where anyone in the world can see them). I'm not sure how we're breaking up the rest of the holidays, but we're also going to be learning about Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Christmas. I'm super excited. AND!!! We don't have to do intervention for the next 2 weeks because we're doing DIBELS testing. For those who don't know, intervention is basically just small-group time. We break the kids into groups of about 5 and work (rather intensely) on a specific reading skill for ten minutes, then we rotate groups and work with another group of kids on that same skill. And for those who don't know what DIBELS is... google it. I just did, it's all there. It's basically just another test to see how the kids are doing in their reading skills.

That's about it for work. I have one class that I'm taking from ASU, and I'm kinda stressing out about it because I still don't know what to do for my final project, but I'll figure something out... I hope.

Wow. My life is très boring right now. All I've got going for me is work. Oh, well. Sociality is overrated. I'm going to either go do my homework or go call Morgan now. Have a lovely day!


Chelsea Robson said...

Oh and now you can add John to that list... I just got his email. would you like it? :)

brigette said...

Yes, I definitely need his email address. They generally can only email family, but if I send him an email with my address in it, he won't have a good excuse not to write me back...well, except the whole mission thing.