Sunday, April 12, 2009

Decide, Decide!!

Sometimes I feel completely overwhelmed by my Heavenly Father’s trust in me and my judgment. As I ask for his guidance, the response has been, “Well, what do you want to do?” or, “What do you think you should do?” and these questions have been coming with increasing frequency lately. It’s a little bit terrifying to know that He trusts me so much, but it’s also incredibly comforting to know that God, my Father, the supreme creator of Heaven and Earth, trusts me, his little, young, naive daughter to make decisions—that He trusts me enough to make the decision that will help me the most in my life. And not only that, the decision I make may affect my future family, it will have an effect on every person with whom I interact as a result of that decision. It will affect every person I don’t interact with as a result of not making a different decision.

Wow. My Heavenly Father trusts me a lot.

Also, this makes the command that I so frequently give my kinders of “Make a good choice,” seem a billion times more complicated.


Yeah… this is what I’ve been thinking about since yesterday afternoon when I asked a question and got one of those “What do you want to do?” responses.

Between God answering me by asking what I want to do, and Lowell just staring at me until I tell him what I want to do, I’m starting to wonder why I even ask for advice.
Ok. Not really, I know I need it, but seriously.

Thank you Morgan for talking me through it and not just staring at me.


Chelsea Robson said...

Well you are pretty amazing... :)

brigette said...

thanks, chels.
it turns out that this particular decision had been made by fate, so it really didn't matter what i decided, but there have definitely been lots of other edcisions lately that i've had to decide and it actually mattered.