Thursday, April 2, 2009

Paciencia y Fe

Many months ago, my favorite online series began its break between its first and second seasons.
In January (I think) it was announced that the second season would premier March 1st.
In February (I think) it was announced that the date would be pushed back to April 1st.
(I can check all these dates if you really want me to, but it's almost 12:30, and I'm supposed to be in bed by 12, so if you really want them, ask and I might eventually find out for you.)

Now, when I say "April 1st," that means midnight, Eastern time, of the first, which means that it would drop on the 31st here. So I was totes excited and all geared up to watch it last night. Then it wasn't on. I kept checking. I couldn't find it on the The Battery's Down channel on Youtube. I couldn’t find it anywhere. So what did I do? I went to Andrew's Blog and good old trusty andrew keenan-bolger informed me that youtube was being stinky and that they would have the video up asap. So I went to bed, setting my alarm early so that I could wake up and watch it before work.
When my alarm went off, I jumped out of my bed in anticipation of the totes phenom video I knew I was about to watch. Then I heard Grandma and Grandpa walking around upstairs.
"Like, woah, what is going on here?" First of all, it was like 6:00 AM and I'm not usually up that early (this goes to show how extremely excited I was about this show), but I also know that Grandma and Grandpa aren't usually up that early either because they're often still asleep when I go to work at 8:30. However, Shandi left on her mission today, so she was over telling Grandma and Grandpa bye, so that's why they were up.
I decided that my grandparents probably would have thought I was insane for getting up that early just to hop on the computer to watch tv, so I decided that I could wait until after work to watch it, and I went back to bed.
While at work, I was texting Ashleyface, and was informed that it still hadn't dropped.
Around 6 I checked youtube again: still not there.
Then I watched Even Almighty with Daniel. Then I went to Pizzookie with Ashleyface. Then we went back to her dorm and checked again. It was like 10:00 and it still wasn't there.
As I was driving home (like an hour later, because Ashley and I tend to talk for very long periods of time), Ashleyface texted me and told me that it was up.
As soon as I got home, I put on my jammies and turned on the computer.



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Daniel said...

Sad. This is all I get as my premiere on your blog? An off-hand comment that barely made it in there?