Wednesday, June 17, 2009

i dance ... and don't close the blinds...

two posts in one day? i know, i'm going nuts, but while i was writing the last one, i realized that i have been neglecting my responsibilities.
what responsibilities?
to share my opinion, of course!!
now, those of you who know me, know that i really don't have opinions on very many things. so, what am i going to talk to you about?


i'm going to post my favorite performances from So You Think You Can Dance every week (just from the performance show, i'm not going to annoy you with the group dances or with people dancing for their lives, unless it's ridonkulously good.

here's my favorite from the first night of couples competition (20 dancers)

first of all: props to caitlin for that sick handstand at the beginning. second, this dance is incredibly intricate. every hand movement means something, and if you mess it up, it could possibly mean something very different. and just look at all the energy they had. i almost didn't pick this as my favorite (because there really basically was a 4-way tie), but i think that the amazing control they had while still having so much energy is enough to get them on top of my little list.

here are the other three that i really, really liked
olutely love this style. i love these choreographers. i wish that the hip hop routines i've done were anywhere near this cool. i love the emotion that they show. i don't think they performed quite as well as chelsie and mark did their lyrical hip hop last season, but when you consider that this was the very first routine of the very first show of the season, what they did was absolutely amazing.

the lifts make this one. yes, the dance quality itself is really, really good, but the lifts are absolutely amazing. the lines that they create are gorgeous.

for this one, there's some fast forwarding, but all the shorter videos didn't look very good. sorry.

this one is all about the chemistry. watching this, i would never suspect that she is married, or that these two hadn't met before just a few weeks ago (if it was even that long), and i would never,ever think that this was the first time they had danced together. it was super good.

this is going to be a fantastic season and i am so excited to keep watching.

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