Monday, July 13, 2009

it may be late, but here it is

I know it's kinda, super late, but I feel that the world should know what my family did for the fourth of July.

The plan, originally, was that Dad and Alex would do nothing, and Mom and Lissa would go down to Rockin' R and just watch the fireworks, but, having worked at Rockin' R for longer than the average bear, I know how annoying the people who do that are, so I convinced everyone that we should all go somewhere together.

Dad suggested going to the casino because apparently they always have a good fireworks show, so we started driving out there at like 8: 45ish.

When we got to the casino, there was tons of parking still available. Alex and Lissa saw this as a good thing: we would be able to be closer to the fireworks, but Mom, Dad and I all knew what this really meant: there weren't any fireworks to be seen here.

So we started driving west. A few minutes into this new drive, we started seeing fireworks afar off. I figured that they were the ones at Tempe Town Lake. Then, a little to the north of those, we saw more. Then there some almost directly north of where we were. I turned around and saw some to our southeast, which I assumed were in Queen Creek. Then there appeared yet another display, this one seeming very close, and directly south of us. This is the one Dad chose to stop and watch.

We drove for just a few more minutes and at about 9:10, found a street where other cars had just pulled to the side of the road and parked, and we decided that we would happily follow in their footsteps... or tire tracks, as the case may be. So we pulled over, and Dad, Alex and Mom pulled out some lawn chairs and sat in a little dirt area off the road, while Lissa and I sat on top of Dad's truck.

We were only there for a few minutes before the show ended, but the adventure getting there was probably more fun than we would have had if we had just been successful in our first attempt to find a show to watch.

After that ended, we got out of the neighborhood where we had parked, and realized that none of us really knew how many times the road we were on had turned, because we ended up going a completely different direction than any of us had anticipated, but it all worked out, and we got to sonic and got our food, then took me home. I don't know what the rest of the family did for the rest of the night, but I finished of my holiday by watching a movie with a friend.

It was a lovely day, with some accidental adventures, but, really, aren't those the best kind?


oh, one more thing: go see Sweeney Todd at MCC.
Tickets are $12, or $8 for students.
The only shows left are July 16-18, at 7:30

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