Thursday, January 8, 2009

We forgot...

Here's a lovely little story for you: very common around my parents' house.

I was talking to my mom and she started leaving the room, so I started talking louder. Within just moments, I realized that she had probably traveled too far to be able to hear me anymore because 1.) their house is really loud, 2.) for some reason my mom just has a hard time hearing words that are coming out of people's mouths, and 3.) my voice doesn't carry very well.

I didn't know where Mom had went in the house though, so I got up and started walking toward the TV room to see if she was in there. As I got to the kitchen, Cameron came in. I told him, "I think Mom left while I was talking to her again."

He just kinda laughed and replied with:
"I think we just forget sometimes."

"What do you forget? That I exist?"

"No. That you're talking to us."

And people wonder why I have middle-child syndrome. I talk to people and they just forget to listen--they forget that I'm talking.

Wow. I just realized that this sound a little bitter. It's really not. Cameron and I were laughing when we had this little conversation. It's a funny, laughing thing. Promise.


Shumway Family said...

I don't forget that I'm talking to you, I just think that you're done talking and that I can leave. Love you!! Your going deaf mom!!!

Megan said...

Brigette- I love you. I am so happy every time i read your blog!!!