Thursday, January 29, 2009

hot dog fingers!

Last Monday, my ward played Ultimate Frisbee for FHE. Now, anyone who knows me knows that this was not something in which I participated. I, however, am on the FHE committee, so I feel like I need to go every week, unless there is something huge that I can't get out of, so I went, dubbing myself the official photographer.

Well, I failed at taking pictures because the action was too far away and it was dark, so Jessica and I just talked while everyone else played (Jessica wanted to play, but right when we started, she hurt her ankle again, poor girl). So we stood by the food (the fruity pebble-style rice crispy treats and the veggie tray that I was in charge of bringing) and talked and told everyone else to eat them.

So there we were, talking and advertising the lovely treats, when we notice that nobody is playing anymore. They were all just wandering around looking at the ground: a few of them had phones out shining them at the ground.
"Did you lose the frisbee or something? If so, that's really impressive, since it's a light-up frisbee."
"Jonathan lost his key."
So Jessica and I join the effort at wonder around the retention basin in the dark looking for a key. Not a set of keys, or even a key on a chain, but one singular key. Several times I hear Raymond say "why don't we form a line and walk from one end to the other?" but nobody listens to him, so I told him to be louder, but he decided to be snarky instead. So when Blake had everyone form a line so we could walk from one end of the basin to the other, Raymond muttered under his breath, so that only I could hear him, "Gee, that's a good idea. Why didn't I think of that?" Totes snarky.

So we line up. Every other person has a flashlight/cellular phone device to provide as much light as possible. We started walking and Blake decided that we needed a code word so that if someone found it they could yell that out instead of saying "I found it!" Why this makes sense to him, I'll probably never know, but whatever. His code word was "hot dog fingers." Yeah... weird. So we're going along and suddenly Blake Yells "HOT DOG FINGERS!" so we all stop looking and get excited and look toward him. "just kidding." Thanks, Blake. Well, by the time we're about half-way through the basin, our dear friend Blake has become very invested in finding this key, so he starts offering free Golden Spoon to whomever finds the key. Jessica then yells "Hot dog fingers!" After she let everyone complain about not winning the trip to golden spoon, she reveals that she just wanted to yell "hot dog fingers" really loudly at 9 PM in the middle of a retention basin in a fairly nice neighborhood and see what happened. All that happened is that a bunch of YSAs stopped looking for a key and whined about not winning golden spoon. And the search continued. We're approaching the end of the retention basin. We're losing hope. I hear Wendy say "You know, it would probably be more effective if we prayed to find it." A couple people scoff (seriously, there was scoffing), but I thought it was a good idea. So I'm still walking in my little section of the basin, the last one to maintain the life effort. I will not give up hope. I reach the point where the basin starts to go up to meet the level of the street and, because I was watching the game, I am pretty sure that Jonathan did not go up there, so I turn around. I'm walking back to where everyone else is eating (and loving) my treats when I walk past Wendy as she says, "Here, I found it."

Prayer works.

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