Tuesday, May 12, 2009


  1. My kids randomly burst into song today. It was glorious.
  2. I finally got to clean my bathroom today. I haven't been able to run water in the downstairs bathroom since spring break, so when Dad told me it was fixed, I took that as a birthday present and today I cleaned it. I love cleaning my bathroom.
  3. Darci got her appendix yoinked tonight. She’s fine, and the doctors said the uterus wasn’t affected by anything, so there’s no reason to worry. They’re keeping her until tomorrow and they’ll do an ultrasound then, after her body has calmed down, just to make sure nothing’s wrong.

That's actually a lot more info than I intended to post. I was just going to say, "Darci got her appendix yoinked tonight," and that was going to be the entirety of the post, but I anticipated negative/stressed out reactions to that, so I went a different route.

I hope you enjoyed this super short edition of Brigette's Blog.

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